Yoga Teaching

Paul is no teaching any yoga classes while on the ‘How will we live tomorrow?’ adventure. Check in for yoga options in 2016.

Personal Sessions for Individuals with Special Needs and Movement Disorders:

I offer yoga for people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, back problems, sciatica, or other impairments.

Contact me at or 617-661-9464 for individual sessions tailored to your unique needs.

I followed Paul’s sequence of yin poses and within six weeks my back pain went away.” P.B. age 62

Every day I am improving.  The yoga builds my strength and helps my balance.” C.S. Parkinson’s patient , age 82

Group Yoga Classes for Middle-aged and Elderly

I offer group yoga classes for people with limited mobility or flexibility.  Classes can be chair-based or mat-based, restorative or active depending on the group’s capabilities.

Contact me at or 617-661-9464 for group sessions.

Paul is a natural teacher. He has a good sense of how yoga can help us age.” J.P. age 68


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