Articles & Interviews

Interviews / Videos

Nature Bat’s Last,, November 17, 2015: Nature Bat’s Last

Western Kentucky University Presentation, February 19, 2015: WKU

MIT Alumni Association Video, January 12 2015: YouTube

WBUR Radio Boston Interview, January 9, 2015: Anthony Brooks

NewTV Interview, November 18, 2014: BJ Krintzman

MIT Alumni Association Pod Cast, October 2014:  MIT Alumni Interview

Articles – 2015

September 1, 2015, The Suburban Times, DuPont, WA

August 27, 2015, Seattle Times, “Cycling the U.S. with a Question: How will we live tomorrow?”

August 21, 2015, WBUR Cognoscenti, “The Question I Carried”

January 12, 2015: Seattle Times “A Lesson from Haiti’s Forgotten Children”

January 12, 2015: WBUR Cognoscenti “On Shaky Ground: Haiti, Five Years Later”

January 11, 2015: New York Times: “Haiti’s Economic Aftershocks”

Articles – 2014

December 18, 2014: WBUR Cognoscenti: “Ancient Cave Drawings, Modern Science, and the Pretense of Preservation”

November 29, 2014: WBUR Cognoscenti: “A Starker Beauty: Embracing the Autumn of One’s Life

November 16, 2014 Boston Globe Magazine Rebuilding Haiti, Remaking a Life

October 22, 2014: WBUR Cognoscenti “Lead and Let Lead: Life Lessons from a Modern Dance Company”

September 23, 2014: WBUR Cognoscenti “Driving a Hard Bargain: Calculating the Toll of Uber’s Reduced Fares”

July 2, 2014: WBUR Cognoscenti “What Will We Leave Behind?  The Changing Landscape of Innovation”

May 11, 2014: The Art Fuse: “Commentary: Learning to Love Dance by Doing It”

May 11, 2014: The Boston Globe “An Amateur Dancer’s Journey to Copley”

March 27, 2014: WBUR Cognoscenti “If I Don’t Want Money to Rule Politics, Should I Give Money to Stop It?”

March 4, 2014: WBUR Cognoscenti “30 Tweets in 30 Days and 4 Key Insights about Twitter”


December 27, 2013: WBUR Cognoscenti The End of the Annual Physical as We Know It

July 24, 2013; ENR Tradition Carries the Day During Construction in Haiti

February 6, 2013: Christian Science Monitor, In Haiti: Laws of Physics Meet a Culture of Magic

January 20, 2013: Boston Globe Magazine The Boy who Adopted Me


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